Announcing “The Tao of Wire” Online Video Course

For a long time, people have commented to me that they would love to take my classes, but live too far away from me.

So, last year I started work on a new project, which I’m happy to announce is almost ready to launch!

The Tao of Wire, an online video wireworking course by Dianne Karg Baron

The Tao of Wire is a step-by-step online video course to help you discover your own creative voice through making wire jewelry. You’ll learn professional techniques for making wire jewelry that you are proud to wear, give and sell.


Foundation Skills: Introduction to Wire Jewelry is launching soon!

This free course introduces you to the tools, metals, and types of wire you’ll need to start working with wire. Learn how to straighten wire, how to work with square wire, and tips for avoiding strain while you work. You’ll also learn step by step how make one of *the* most fundamental and multi-purpose links – the S-link – and a hook, using square wire.

Sign up today to start your creative journey!


One thought on “Announcing “The Tao of Wire” Online Video Course

  • November 24, 2016 at 5:31 am

    The jewellery which is handcrafted needs to be properly woven on the wire which gives you the perfect gift to present to your loved ones.

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