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Since December 2016, I’ve been doing weekly “Behind the Scenes” broadcasts on my Facebook Business Page


I share what’s going on in my studio, and what’s coming up. For example, this week, I was talking about The Year of Jewelry Project 2017, and my progress on creating videos for Part 2 of the Foundations Skills Course. My goal in doing these broadcasts is to connect with you in a more meaningful, immediate way, to keep you up to date, and to keep myself accountable and on track :). 



In addition to sharing the projects I’m working on, I also occasionally do live project demos. (Hint! There’s one coming up in February!)


Look for the announcements posted to my Facebook business page for when to tune in! 


How to make French Kidney Earwires

French Kidney Earwires Here’s a simple set of instructions for creating your own French Kidney Earwires. Or watch an online video tutorial of the instructions!

These are great for people who hate Shepherd’s Hook earwires – they are very secure to wear. Quick and easy – you’ll never buy these retail again!

5 pages, 12 photos, 12 steps, plus design notes


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